Launch banking products fast.

Modernbanc offers the best way for companies to launch banking products quickly. We partner with innovative providers, automate compliance and integrations and provide all of that under a beautiful developer experience. with our sandbox and go live in days. Modernbanc helps We automate due-diligence and security so you can focus on building your product

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In the world where mobile banking has become the standard,
you can only wonder - why is banking still so disconnected from our lifestyles?

Why is my accounting app not in sync with my bank account?
Why is it so hard to get a loan if I have a non-traditional job?
Why are my insurance and loans not tailored to my life choices?

Truth is

We trust our banks, and we need them to keep our money safe.
But sometimes customers wish someone understood them better.

Like our favourite apps!

(Hint, your app)

But building banking products is hard
(And for a good reason!)

You need resources and expertise to take care of these things:

  • Partner with banks and complete their due-diligence.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data regulations.

But banking can be magical - it unlocks opportunities
where none seem to exist.

That’s why we’re building Modernbanc!

Digital is no longer a nice to have.

75% of customers drop off during bank onboarding process due to poor experience.

An average of $2000 is lost in lifetime value per each consumer and up to $10,000 per each business banking customer.

86% of customers say that it is crucial that they are able to apply for banking products digitally.

Game-changing onboarding tool.

You can use our beautiful white-label interface or optimise your existing process with our developer-friendly APIs.

Lower costs

Our OCR-based technology helps you avoid manual checks and document processing.

Faster onboarding times

Automated KYC/KYB checks to speed up your onboarding process from days to minutes.

Build your own workflows

Visual workflow builder to power applications for any financial product.

Partnering with the most innovative banks and providers.

Launch in days, not years

Get started instantly and take your app live in minutes. We automate integrations, compliance and security so you can focus on building your product.

Your developers will love it

Developer-first experience

No more outdated API specs or broken SDKs. Our beautifully designed documentation and world-class developer support is here to speed you up.

Secure and compliant

We take care of GDPR, SOC 2 and other regulatory compliance so you can focus on acquiring users without slowing your business down.

Secure and compliant

Modernbanc complies with industry-standard controls such as SOC II and PCI DSS.

Build the next big thing with us.

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